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Static Instance

A thread-safe method (guaranteed since C++11, see here) using a static instance of class CFoo (Meyers singleton):

class CFoo {
  static CFoo& getInstance()
    static CFoo instance;
    return instance;

Dynamic, Using Smart Pointers

A thread-safe method using C++11 smart pointers for creation of an singleton instance of class CFoo:

#include <mutex>  // std::mutex
#include <memory> // std::weak_ptr, std::shared_ptr
using std;
static weak_ptr<CFoo> s_pFoo; // singleton instance pointer
static mutex s_lock;          // singleton instance lock
shared_ptr<CFoo> CFoo::getInstance()
  lock_guard<mutex> lock(s_lock);
  shared_ptr<CFoo> pInstance = s_pFoo.lock();
  if (!pInstance)
    pInstance = make_shared<CFoo>(); // create shared smart pointer
    s_pFoo = pInstance;              // replace (set) managed object
  } // if
  return pInstance;
} // getInstance()

Dynamic, Using DCLP

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